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McDonald’s delivered

Dreaming of savoring a delicious burger with plenty of that unmistakable McDonald’s sauce? What are you waiting for? Order your McDonald’s delivery with Glovo. This iconic franchise of fast food restaurants is a household name. Now, you can enjoy their famous recipes in the comfort of your own home. Glovo makes it easy!

McDonald's most ordered products

Grand McExtreme™ Cheesy Buffalo
Triple Chicken Mayo
Doble Chicken Mayo
McMenú® McWrap® Chicken & Bacon
McWrap® Chicken & Bacon
Grand McExtreme™ de McDonald's® Bacon Doble

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Order McDonald's home delivery in Spain

The Big Mac is a star in its own right. Fancy a Big Mac meal with fries, right now? You can place your order on the Glovo website and get your burgers in a flash! Did you know that the first McDonald's in Spain opened its doors 40 years ago? In the heart of Madrid, on March 9th, 1981, the first fast food restaurant of the North American franchise opened. Nowadays, there are almost 500 of them spread throughout the country. Order McDonald's home delivery with Glovo, and you'll get your meal in no time. We guarantee safe, quick delivery. Choose from the wide variety of signature burgers, from the tasty southern style chicken burger to the Big Mac. With your burger, why not go for some delicious wedges, a McDonald’s classic. For dessert, don’t miss out on McDonald's famous desserts or ice cream, drizzled in the best chocolate syrup you can imagine.

Order McDonald's home delivery in Spain

McDonald's home delivery FAQs

How does the McDonald’s delivery service through Glovo work?
Ordering McDonald’s with Glovo is the easiest thing you’ll do all day. Just download the Glovo app onto your mobile or tablet. Log into the app and click on the restaurants bubble. Then, select McDonald’s and check out the different options. Choose your favorites from a huge number of options. Burger variety is brutal! Once you’ve placed your order, it’s time to tell us where you want it. Our couriers will get it to you quickly, sticking to all the safety recommendations. Don’t forget to add some incredible extras, like a delicious McDonald’s cake. All that American flavor, in your house in minutes. What are you waiting for?
What burgers can you order from McDonald’s?
If you access McDonald’s through Glovo you’ll see a wide variety of burgers, sides and desserts. You can order pretty much anything you’ll find if you went to get it yourself, without lifting a finger. Discover the Best Selling McDonald’s Meals on the app. Enjoy some tasty wings or some famous McNuggets, and don’t forget a delicious white chocolate McFlurry.
Does McDonald’s deliver desserts and ice creams?
With Glovo, you can order any McDonald’s McMeal to your door, including desserts and ice creams. Discover all the McFlurry ice creams or try the McDonald’s Apple Pie - it’s exceptional.
What are the nutritional values of McDonald’s specialties?
McDonald’s promotes a healthy lifestyle and is transparent about the nutritional values of its products and recipes. You can also enjoy unique salads.
Can you add any extras to McDonald’s orders?
Of course! With Glovo, you have access to all kinds of extras to go with your McMeals, like roasted or fried onion to give burgers a different flavor. You can also order the delicious Deluxe sauce - a must for dipping the most famous chips in the world. And don’t miss the chance to sample McDonald’s most innovative sauces.
Do I have to pay any extra to get McDonald’s delivered?
When you place a McDonald’s order through Glovo, all you have to do is pay the service charge. If you have Glovo Prime, you can order as many times as you want from this restaurant, without any surcharges of any kind. Remember, if you have any Glovo promocodes you can use them on your McDonald’s orders. If you don't know how to use your offers and promotions on Glovo, find out here.