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Telepizza delivered

Tomato, ham, onion, and the delicious taste of melted mozzarella cheese, all on top of a classic Telepizza basic... Is your mouth watering yet? Of course it is! But don’t worry. With Glovo you can get Telepizza delivered in a flash.

Telepizza’s most ordered products

Sándwich de pollo
Pollo | Bacon crispy | Cebolla | Queso edam | Salsa especial
Pizzolinos - Pepperoni
8 uds Enrollados de masa fresca | Salsa Tomate | Pepperoni
Pizzolinos - Bacon
8 uds Enrollados de masa fresca | Salsa Tomate | Bacon
Nuevo* Nuggets Veguis - 6 uds
Hechos con ingredientes 100% vegetales
Patatas Gajo
4 Quesos
Masa fresca | Salsa de tomate | Mezcla cuatro quesos

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Order Telepizza home delivery in Spain

Do you like your crusts classic or thin? Tell us when you order and discover how to enjoy the best pizzas from the comfort of your own home. It’s no secret that this chain’s delivery service works really well. But at Glovo we make it even easier. Order your barbecue pizza from our website or the app for a unique experience. Telepizza is a pizza chain that was born in Madrid in 1987, when the first restaurant opened in the Pilar neighborhood. Little by little, the firm expanded, until it occupied most of the corners of Spain. Today, Telepizza is part of the culinary landscape of countless countries all around the world. This Spanish brand now has more than 2500 pizzerias that delight people all over the world. Order Telepizza with Glovo and try the irresistible pizzas on the menu. With our home delivery, enjoy healthy, tasty meals without moving a muscle. Don’t forget to order a pizza to go with your salad.

Order Telepizza home delivery in Spain

Telepizza home delivery FAQs

How do I know if Glovo delivers Telepizza in my city?
Easy! Access your Glovo profile through the website or app for mobiles and tablets. Log in and look for the Telepizza bubble. If we offer delivery for this pizza chain in your area you’ll see it. Spoiler alert! You probably will find Telepizza in your area as there are so many stores all around the country.
Can I order set meals from Telepizza on Glovo?
Of course! As well as ordering balanced individual meals, you can order a tasty set meal to share. With Telepizza delivery, you’ve got the option of enjoying a pizza, burger or sandwich meal, amongst other things. Don’t forget to add a starter to your order - you’ll love them. If you haven’t tried Telepizza’s Pizzolinos, now’s a great time, don’t you think? You can also order a starter combo so you don’t have to make any tough decisions.
What time does the Telepizza delivery service run until?
Pizza delivery with Telepizza is available when the restaurant in your area is open. You can find out when that is on the Glovo app or website. If the restaurant in question is open, you can go ahead and order.
How can I check if Telepizza is open on the Glovo app?
If you need to know if the store is open, just open up the Telepizza section in the Glovo app or on the website. At the top of the screen you’ll see relevant information about the restaurant, like the ratings from other customers and the delivery fee. That’s where you’ll see if the relevant branch is open or not. If it’s closed, you can schedule your order for their opening time.
How many people are Telepizza family size pizzas are?
That depends on each person and how hungry you are. A family pizza is perfect for two or three people. Although if you order starters and salads too, then even up to 4 people can eat well.
What’s on the barbecue Telepizza pizza?
If you haven’t tried the famous Telepizza barbecue pizza yet, order it with Glovo now. It’s topped with barbecue sauce, bacon, marinated chicken, double mince and mozzarella cheese. All of that on a tasty, fresh crust. As always, you can choose between a classic crust or thin crust, whichever you prefer.